Softskills at VIT Chennai

This page is about our personal feedback on the Softskill classes.  

An Outlook

ETHNUS at VIT Chennai is making the most out of Little Classroom activities, that have big implications in the industry.

The idea conveyed out of these classes cover specific areas on personality development and social skills. We learn a lot about workplace ethics and organisation and event management in companies.

The activities were yet, bound to the limits of the classroom ( though we did have a very few, on the field).

Though the vendor classes were interesting, the complementary English classes were boring to be frank. The assignments were a bit more school-level and there wasn’t any new learning outcomes on that, just, letter writing, poster making, movie and book review( the same old stuff we did at school ).

What is done?

Here we compile and give a gist of the few activities we did in the class, most of which were team-based ( to bring out the spirit of team-work ).

  1. Listening-
  2. Story Telling-
    1. Every one loves to tell tales.
    2. Tales can be adventurous, action, horror, and many more.
    3. The basic requirement for this is have a good creativity and way of expressing it.
    4. In our class, a student started a story and say two lines and it passes on to next student and he  continued from where the other guy left.
    5. This activity not only requires creativity but also require a good listening skill.
  3. JAM-
    1. It is really a challenging topic and a quite interesting one. A student will be given a topic on the spot and he has to speak about it for a minute.
    2. At first speaking for a minute may seem an easy task but it may become difficult because of the rules .
    3. Rules say that  a person should never repeat the same sentence. He/She should not stop or leave a gap in between and added to it he/she should never make grammatical mistakes. These are some of the rules but there are much more. The more rules the more tougher the challenge gets.
    4. JAM is an important topic for the students because it is one of the major challenge they would face in their interviews .
  4. Ad-zap-
  5. Self-Introduction-
  6. Etiquette-
  7. Time management-
  8. Presentation skills( the one we need to present is this )-

Here we give a look into the activities we did in the english class as well.

  1. Book review
  2. Movie review
  3. Letter writing
    1. Placing orders
    2. Request for quotation/ brochure
  4. Article writing and newspaper making
  5. Poster making


Overall, the classes were fun and it was, infact, better than math and science, in any aspect.

We invite comments and response for this blog.


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